Friday, October 7, 2011

The Lemon Squeezer

Last month, Aly and I got in my truck and headed out of the city for a hike. We were mostly prepared, meaning... we were wearing sensible shoes, had lots of trail mix and a couple lattes to go. We were not prepared as to where we were going. Nevertheless we headed North and out of the city. Aly searched her phone and learned of the Lemon Squeezer. We made a bee line to Harriman state park and started in. It was such a beautiful but humid day. NY had been so so rainy in the previous weeks and the ground really showed it. There were mushrooms everywhere!! Where is Uncle Skip when I need him? The hike was about 9 miles and so beautiful - swamps and lakes, and forest, and mountain tops, fields and water falls. The hike gets it name from a narrow part of the trail that takes you trough a rock passage way that "squeezes you like a lemon" - it wasn't as dramatic as it sounds... but I still would recommend you take yourself to get juiced. :)

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