Friday, October 7, 2011

A Day In NY

July 30th was a good day. In the week leading up to that Saturday, there had been lots of planning and celebrating. Gay marriage had just become legal in NY state and it was feeling like a fine time to have moved back to the city. The design company where I work was invited to do the flowers for 24 couples who were to be married at the "pop up chapel" a full day of same sex weddings in Central Park. It was such a honor to be there, to make the bouquets and boutonnieres for all the happy couples and to catch a ray or two of the residual glow. Here are some of my pictures. If you want more click here.

also check out this great video by my friend, Gustavo. You'll see me in the beginning making an arrangement. :)

Popup Chapel July 30th 2011 from Gustavo Campos on Vimeo.

But, my day didn't end there. I headed to the other park in NYC designed by the famed Fred Olmsted, Prospect Park... where equally amazing things were happening. I caught up with my friends who were having a picnic, dropped by on some other lovely homies who were having a going away party and then to top it all off saw even more good stuff at Celebrate Brooklyn. That night Red Baraat were playing among others and I thought they were so much fun.

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