Friday, June 17, 2011

Architecture and Alligators

A few weeks back I was in my home town for several days. And, even though I grew up there.... there is still so much I don't know about Ocean Springs, Mississippi. This trip, that fact was evident as some friends attempted to educate me about Carrol Ishee. He was an architect who built about 150 homes all over the Gulf Coast. Ishee homes are most known in the area for being minimal with mid century styling and set in a lot that has had little to no landscaping. The homes are actually hard to photograph because they are so surrounded by trees and vegetation. He really believed the outdoor living space should be seamless with both the inside and the surrounding nature. Super large windows, cedar shakes, and extra wide doors help make this possible and really distinguish his design. As far as I can tell very little has been done to document Ishee's achievements. Ocean Springs is also home to several houses built by other famed architects... Louis Sullivan and Frank Lloyd Wright among others. Some of those homes were damaged by Hurricane Katrina and are still being rebuilt today. My friends who live in an Ishee home gave me a generous tour and let me snap these shots. Hopefully someday there will be a conclusive portfolio of Ishee's designs. It would also be so great to see a website dedicated to the architecture of Ocean Springs.

Here are some pics of Dad and I when we went for a nice paddle in Fort Bayou. Later in the week on my way out of town, I stopped by the gator farm in Pascagoula. Rumor says this place was severely damaged in Katrina and all the gators escaped!!! No biggie though, as alligators are native to South Mississippi anyway!

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