Friday, March 18, 2011

Georgia Flea

Once a month Georgia has the most giant flea/antique market of all time. Really. It takes up two huge Atlanta expo buildings as well as large tents and outdoor space. Here are a few of the highlights. Come visit and go with me. It is so cool, bring a few bucks. Some things are hard to resist.

Georgia and things on my mind.

I know I am long over due. I started this blog in 2009 to chronicle my traveling and adventures. As of December 2010 I have been pretty much in Georgia most of the time. I have been doing lots of soul searching, art making, soup stirring, and the most traveling I've done has been on my emotional roller coaster or my weekly trips into Atlanta. I have been contemplating the path this blog should take. As much as I love to travel, my pocket book doesn't. Plus, you can't make giant art pieces while living out of a back pack in the Turkish Country side. Although, sometime I would like to have that lifestyle again, my current and near future is more stationary. So, that begs the question, where should this blog go? How to? Cooking journal? Song a day? I don't know, but as I continue to think it over, take a gander at these photos. I took these of the Georgia Country side near my house. They were taken on my birthday (January 30th) and in the last 6 weeks things have changed so much, SPRING is here. So, perhaps I will get out to take some more this weekend.Pecan orchard
Saying "HI"