Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mississippi Wedding, Alabama Birthdays, and OIL on the mind.

Just a quick post to fill you in on the last week. My brother and I headed down to our home town of Ocean Springs, MS, for my step brother's wedding. It is about a 6 hour drive and the oil spill was heavy on our minds the whole way down. We were quickly and somewhat thankfully distracted by all the wedding preparations and events.

The rehearsal diner was at NoJa in Mobile, AL, where Alex (my step brother) is the chef. It was a very nice evening and the food was good, I recommend anyone traveling through town or living near by to head on down. Alex is vegan courteous, you just need to call ahead to let them know.

The next day we spent in entirety setting up for the reception. I did the flowers for the bars and table decor and a bunch of family and friends worked hard to make it all happen. Saturday was the wedding and turned out to be lovely and nice event. The rain held off long enough to tie up the ceremony and get everyone to the party. My Dad's sisters danced the night away, as per usual, and it was a fun time. I had fun too: dancing and meeting Alex's friends. So much fun in fact, that uncharacteristically, I didn't take any pictures. I'll get some from other folks and post them later.Each day I took some time to go for bike rides around OS. The mood was somber as everyone was bracing themselves for the oil to arrive... life as they know it to change for a long, long time. The shrimpin' boats were all docked in the harbor. A few pleasure crafts had for sale signs with big fat zeros on them. Biking through the National Seashore Park, a family was stopped by the bayou looking at a gator in the grasses. I wonder how they will fair in all this mess.

I am unsure now whether or not I will go back, after hiking the AT, to help out with the spill. It is unclear what there is to do and BP is not stepping up...yet. I may just go to help out at the research lab with Harriet, my step mom. She is a marine biologist there and has been for 40 years. Whoever is interested in that holler at me and I will keep you in the loop. I grew up in a beautiful, beautiful place with rich history and colorful people. It is a shame for this to happen so soon after Katrina. If you can't volunteer your time or donate money, please write to your congress man or woman and encourage her to support green energy. Monday we drove over to Orange Beach, AL for my Aunt and Uncles 60th birthday, and my other uncle's 50th. It was beautiful over there too and people were vacationing seemingly unaware... parents letting their kids play in the water. Orange Beach is just on the border of FL. There are no barrier islands like over in MS. The waves are bigger and more shells and sand dollars wash ashore. Here are a few pictures.

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