Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Scottsdale for a week and Gumbie the cactus!

Last week I went to Phoenix/Scottsdale for work and I feel so lucky for it!!! It is so beautiful and interesting and different out there, especially for an East Coast/ Southern girl like me.
Holy succulent, but do I LOVE cactus! Oh my, but there are so many different kinds and shapes and colors. It was such a treat to be out there this time a year too, as everything was blooming.
The work for David was also really good. We did the opening parties for the Musical Instrument Museum. Everything went well and smooth and turned out beautiful. Susie did an amazing job choosing the plants and we made a bunch of new friends with in our group of bad ass local guys who were helping us. I also got to see a short set by kd Lang to celebrate the opening! She was amazing!I was so happy to be included too as I got to check out the museum and all its neat installations. They have it organized really well, by continent and then by country or region. It is really easy and fascinating to discover the overlap or the cross culture of the instruments or styles of playing. The museum is still in progress, so I do hope to go back some time to see it complete. I have decided that I NEED to have a Venezuelan cuatro guitar!
My first night there the girls and I went on a short hike right at sunset just 10 minutes from our hotel called Pinnacle Peak. The views were spectacular and it was educational too, because they had most of the varieties of plants labeled. Also, each day before we had to set up for the parties we had a few hours to do some exploring. Juli and I checked out the Desert Botanical Garden, Lost Dog Wash hike, and on our last day there Shari, Juli, and I climbed a monster elevation hike on Camelback Mountain.I recommend all of them!! Lost Dog Wash was easy and a nice choice for early in the morning, it also wasn't too crowded on a Thursday. The Botanical Garden at times was like being on another planet... Juli and I both loved the old man cactus, creeping devil cactus, and the crazy giant agave that were everywhere. We also loved a succulent that looked like gumbie. It did!! I'm going to try to figure out what it is called. The garden also had a nice desert wild flower exhibition, and a herb garden and more.
These are called lithops... and in ancient Greek that means rock like. And they are, we almost missed them! But, don't touch, because the oil from your hands stunt their growth!

Camelback mountain, was a really vertical hike!! And it was impressive, there were lots of people doing it, but at times we literally had to climb like spider man to get up the trail. The top was worth it though!!
It has been so great lately to hop around from changing climates and regions. Today I was just driving around Georgia with my brother and I was all drooly over azalea bushes.

Thanks for reading, next up: Mississippi wedding, Florida birthday, and Virginia Appalachian trail! xoxo


  1. I love a good vertical hike. After the AT, come here and we'll summit one of the big-uns.

  2. you's a lucky lady CB-----sucking it all in.So glad for you.