Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sundaes, Snakes, and almost the LAKE!

When I left Jackson Lake last weekend to head to NYC. I had a feeling that when I came back the lake would be ready... and well, I wasn't far off. We are counting down the days until we can hop in and wake board!!! I had my first taste last summer and now I am ready to see if I still got it!!! Woo hoo!Also, it is only appropriate that where I was staying in Brooklyn on Jefferson Ave. (thanks Sarah) is just a few blocks from Macon St. and Decatur St.
NYC was great! I went up for a top secret project which was fun, challenging, and successful. I saw many a lovely friend and dinned at some of my favorite spots. Most memorable was Lula's Sweet Apothecary!! I had a sundae!! Yes, I did! An entirely vegan sundae! Also, I still am forever recommending the salads at Wild Ginger and her sister locations... yum!Saturday day and night were especially great, my last day there and such a treat, I saw several friends including Meredyth Sparks and her show at Elizabeth Dee Gallery. I was lucky to assist her back in December with some sewing advice and she commisioned me to make a few door snakes which are in the gallery for her exhibition! Everything looks so great and you should all go see it!
Saturday night a friend of a friend was having a salon of sorts. A small group of people showed up for a lovely night of performance in celebration of the upcoming Girls In Trouble tour. We all congregated on the upper west side in the lovely apartment of a former opera singer with an equally lovely family and home. There was art and history everywhere, and it was a perfect setting for Malinda's dance and story telling. The foyer was just large enough for her to move and spin her tails (tales). :) Stephanie Rabins of the band Company gave us a heart felt grouping of songs which made me long to sit in a porch swing and listen to the rain. She was excellent. Lastly, was Girls In Trouble. They made me miss life 3 years ago when Alicia and I would often play a few songs together in the kitchen, or one or both or us had people over doing the same. They were so great!! She especially is so easy to watch and loose track of time as their music effortlessly filled the space and stilled, at least in that small living room, all of the city's restless energy. I am so glad I went!!Back in Georgia and planning for whats next. Family is coming this weekend, the following I am headed to St. Croix. More about that later!!


  1. How I love you and miss singing with you my sweet Corrie Beth!!