Saturday, February 27, 2010

NY and back with record snow falls...

A couple weeks ago I drove up to NY in trusty ole Hank. Mission number one: see some old friends and hand out lots of hugs. Mission number two: move my stuff officially down to Georgia. Mission number three: work for my friend David and make a little money. Mission number four: don't die in the torrential snow. I succeed on all counts, ate at some of my favorite restaurants, went to the museum of Art and Design, and fully resembled Sanford and Sons on my way back.

I left a day early in order to avoid the predicted 3 feet snow fall in Virginia and Maryland on my way up. I drove almost 12 hours that first day to my homies in Winchester, VA.... stopping only once to take a quick hike to the Natural Bridge. The Natural Bridge, is just that.... a giant archway with a path across the top crossing over the river the bellow. The bridge was formed when a cavern collapsed thousands of years ago. My excursion was short, but a needed break from my long drive. It was beautiful with the snow on the ground from the weeks before... I was the only one around that day, so I had my own private conversation with the 20 stories high arch. After hanging with Kerry, Neil , and Azzy that night, I left bright and early with the white wonderland on my tail all the way North. It was my first time driving though Pennsylvania Dutch country and I was on the look out for evidence of the history and culture. I only saw a few souvenir shops with neat stuff inside that was appropriately made in China.

New York was great.... well seeing my friends and visiting some of my favorite spots. It was also good in the sense that I wasn't struck with a feeling of loss and sadness for having left. I was reminded that I definitely do NOT like NY in the winter.

After a few days there another storm came and dumped almost 2 feet on Brooklyn, which pushed back my leave date by one day. Meredyth and I spend 3 hours digging out our cars from the snow and ice. The following morning I put together my side boards, picked up Sarah and braved the slippery streets to load up at my storage unit. THE truck looked crazy. I felt like a gypsy... with all my worldy possessions packed high in the bed of the truck. I was humming the Sanford and Sons theme song all the way to Baltimore where I was quickly silenced by my awe at the sheer size of the snow drifts... good God but that place got hit. Folks were super territorial about their parking spots that they had spent hours digging out for themselves. There were no sidewalks to speak of and people were just wandering around wherever they could find space to walk. I caught up with several old friends, saw a nice art opening, and had a fancy vegan brunch the morning I left!!!

I think that drive back to Georgia cost me a year off my life. I had to stop every hour or so to re-tie and secure or just kinda chew my nails at the look of my rig. I bought more rope and tape and bungee chords three times. All this madness caused me to be late to see another old friend who lives half hour away from the Carter Family Fold!!! What the what what?? We've made plans for me to come back when she is not on call I am I not hauling - and bawlin'.

I really enjoy the drive though the Appalachians... Virginia and the Carolinas. Just outside Asheville is especially nice. I stopped to have a spiffy vegan lunch at Rosetta's. yum yum.

Made in back to Georgia in one piece and two days to get ready to leave again for Costa Rica... more about that in the next post.