Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Birthday Day: Georgia Aquarium

Yesterday, Shane and I hit up the super fancy Georgia Aquarium. It was so beautiful, and awe inspiring. They have over 100,000 animals in there and I felt that most of them were very happy. Looking around, Shane and I both agreed that people would be happier in general if they could go to a place like that once a week. There were several "touch tanks" where you could get friendly with anemones, sea stars, bonnethead sharks, and cownose rays. The anemones and the rays kinda felt like slimy mushrooms. They have the biggest tank in the world, at the size of a football field, holding the magnificent whale shark, hammer head, saw fish, and many other beautiful giants. I love the jellyfish, sea horses, sea dragons and the (shout out to my home state) Mississippi river exhibition. BUT, if the people from the aquarium are reading this, you need bigger tanks for your penguins, alligators, and eels. Not happy about that. Other than a few minor heartaches, I am so happy I went. Here are some pictures of just the highlights. You should go.

Also, ps: for lunch we went to Soul Vegetarian which ruled and for dinner we went to Sunflower Cafe which was excellent.

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