Thursday, December 24, 2009

Thanksgiving in Seattle

I had the best time in Seattle for the Thanksgiving week, my Uncle Bob and his kids in their beautiful house. Midori and I went to the Seattle Underground tour. It was great! I learned all about the history of the city, the great fire, the invention of sewer systems, and water closets. If you are ever in Seattle, you must go:

We also, naturally, hit up Pikes Place Market where I picked up ingredients to try and replicate Frankies' fennel salad. It turned out only ok. We visited the water front and the Cabinet of Curiosities, where I saw a mummified mermaid.

We went bowling and out for karaoke! We also all went to Snoqualmie falls to take in the sights. I introduced the kids to twenty questions, kale, and nutritional yeast. We played with the beautiful kitty, and got way into So You Think You Can Dance.

We had a great meal.... Brussel sprouts, carrots and squash, vegan stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberries, and vegan crab cakes!!! I also saw my friend Mike from college and we went to the Silence-Heart-Nest vegetarian restaurant. I would recommend it! Yum! Thanks everybody!

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