Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Horn Island in December

For those of you who have been following the blog, then you know this is my 2nd trip out to horn island this year. Erika and I went in the height of the summer and it is such a different place this time of year. So beautiful and quiet. Well, it is always that way, but in the summer the heat is so oppressive that it just seems louder. I went out with Christy and her family. We had a nice time hiking around, had a close encounter with dolphins, spotted alligator tracks and played with the kids in the sand. The above picture shows our approach. The gulf was so smooth that morning that we got out there in record time.
Thanks to Scott's friend for the borrowed boat, look how pretty she is in the morning sun.
Alligator tracks you can spot because you can see their tail line trailing in between the foot prints. Look closely to see it is this picture.


pelican tracks
me and Liam
Halen and his sand dollar

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  1. Oh, i love the animal tracks... or rather bird and reptile. I really miss the alligators and Pelicans back home in Louisiana- there are cool animals here in North Carolina, but the swamp monsters are just so bizarre, nothing compares.
    Look so fun!!! I wish I was able to travel so i could play on the beach with ya'll too!