Thursday, December 24, 2009

Fighting Cats and The State Department: NYC/DC November '09

Back in mid-November, when I was hanging with the homies in Portland, eating vegan doughnuts and taking lots of hikes in the damp North West, I was snatched away and rushed back to NY by some friends to do some work. The job was set to be in DC at the State Department in the diplomatic reception rooms. Unfortunately, the job didn't pan out but at least I was out East and ready to enjoy myself.

Here are a couple pics of the State Department. Which was interesting nonetheless with or with out the job. So seldom do us regular folks get a glimpse into the underbelly of Washington that I was happy for the chance... okay, so the chance to go through metal detectors and hand over all my identification. But, still, in addition to that, we received a private tour of the diplomatic reception rooms with its museum quality historic pieces, portraits of dead presidents, and the rights to boast countless international visitors. The Kennedy honors are rewarded in these rooms as well as any entertaining Hillary may do for foreign dignitaries.
Once in New York City, the pistol sounded and I was off meeting friends, participating in things that only happen in NY and bopping' around like a chicken. I had the best time.... vegan ice cream parlor with Laszlo ( plus Irish pub and country music with Barb. We went to the new 92nd street Y which is actually down on Hudson. There we saw country crooner Laura Cantrell. I can't make up my mind how much or little I like her, but she put on a good show and I was smitten with her song that played tribute to one of my favorites... Kitty Wells, called "Kitty Wells' Dresses". Laura is widely known for her extensive discography and her time on WFMU with her show "The Radio Thrift Shop". Other high lights were: videos from college and walking Brooklyn with Corey, short stories by Aaron, and lovely home cook meals from Melisa and Alfie both. Thank you Alfie for the super yummy cauliflower soup.A bunch of us also went to the Bell House for the Secret Science Club's Taxidermy Competition. It was insane in the truly awesome way. The guidelines seemed kinda willie nillie and people brought all kinds of things to show and tell. My favorites were the beetle dioramas. But there was taxidermy in the traditional sense, I think the winner was the piece catching a moment in time of 2 fighting cats. Those of us in attendance also got a brief taxidermy history lesson from author Melissa Milgrom ( Other freaky stuff was the guy who made dolls out of his own skin. Read more about the night here:

ps: I have 4 roommates who all wear black framed glasses. Also I got a sneak peak at Emily's beautiful jewelry. Check her site:

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