Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fall has arrived!

It seems for the first time in my life, well, at least more than ever, I am hyper aware of the rise and set of the sun, the phases of the moon, and of course the changes of season. The days have gotten shorter and shorter, the temperature has dropped, and the fall colors and crops have fully arrived.

Each night at around 9 pm, I take the 5 minute walk to my tent. And, each night I look at the stars, notice the moon, and get a little spooked by the night noises. When the moon is full, I marvel at the shadows she casts and I make it to my little forest bedroom without the aid of my flash light. The animals and critters are more active too and sometimes I just listen. There have been owls, deer, raccoon, and the occasional far off coyote. oh, and skunk...

A few weeks ago when Christy and Dan came to visit. Dan actually asked me when the sun rises and I said with out skipping a beat 6:24. I am NOT a morning person people, but I have grown to appreciate the early hours more and more. When I first got here the sun rise was more like 5:45 and now it is almost 7. Now that it is so cool out in the mornings it is really hard to get out of bed, but I still like the morning walk to the bunk house when I can see the sun and the moon at the same time in oposite ends of the sky.

Now that it is officailly Fall, the air smells different, the tomatoes are slowing down, and I am wearing long sleeves. In the height of the day, it still gets quite hot, but I welcome the heat as I am not quite ready to face winter. I guess I am still very much a Southern girl at heart, I want it to be warm always. But, I am happy for the fall, if even just for the pumpkins.


  1. I love pumpkins too. We picked ours, our plant produced 3. I am so looking forward to visiting the farm this year for our big pumpkins. Liam is always quite adorable roaming amongst those gourds the same color as his hair.

    I love that this experience has made you appreciate mornings. I remember so many sleepovers where I was bored to death in your room while you slept in. Sometimes I'd try to wake you and you'd momentarily look like a scary alien zombie trying to speak English, then you'd go back to sleep.

  2. well, I can appreciate mornings, but still love my sleep. when I am at your place next month, don't you worry, I will be doing as much sleeping in as I can get away with!!! BUT, it is true knowing that I can get up and play with trains with the boys it will be hard to stay in bed!!