Saturday, August 1, 2009

2 cents worth millions

Peoples, been here 5 weeks.... is it time to start trying to figure out what do to next? As per usual, I am fixating and spinning and full of equal parts excitement and worry. So, go ahead, give me your two cents. I am not above admitting that I need help and lots of discussion time so, here are a few of the ideas that are on the horizon. Some are briefer experiences than others. Ideally I would like to spend the winter somewhere warm. But, if NYC beckons, I am so there.

  • NYC part two
  • artist residency, do you have connections?
  • wwoof Australia
  • more farming, perhaps Hawaii
  • Rachel? learn to sail? Florida?
  • sustainable building techniques Washington State internship
  • Portland
  • work on a cruise ship
  • bike across America, wanna come?
  • find someone somewhere who is willing to teach me furniture building and upholstering
  • camp out with family somewhere and finally finish that album
  • trade loretta for a winnebago and become a traveling sales woman
So, go ahead, if you are so inclined give me your thoughts, whatever they may be. I am only hoping that with your input one of these ideas or something else entirely will shine brighter than the rest and I'll have my North Star.


  1. sustainable building techniques! That way when you settle down somewhere you can buy land and build your own hut!!!! :)

  2. NYC-no. You've done that. Keep moving on. Of course, I'm partial to Portland, but I like the Washington state internship too. That sounds cool. Cruise ships don't allow any tattoos, or at least they didn't back when I wanted to do that. Apparently, even covered ones, and they do ask. That was many many years ago though, maybe times have changed. Australia would be pretty awesome but I don't think I'd be able to visit you. There are several furniture shops here that build really cool stuff out of salvaged and sustainable wood and organic fabrics. I'll see if I can hunt down a list of websites. There are lots of artist residencies in the NW as well. Melanie is always telling me about them. I stayed at this awesome handbuilt house on a river somewhere near the central Oregon coast. I'll try to find that as well. I remember reading that he rents it for real cheap for artists who want to make their own retreat. He also built it from trees that he cut down and milled right there on site. It was pretty amazing. Maybe he'd also teach you some stuff about building, as there's lots of tools in the garage and he lives nearby. Too long of a comment. I'll email ya later.

  3. Cruise ships don't allow tattoos? Weird. I've always wanted to learn upholstery personally.

  4. I think a cruise ship would eat your soul anyway. Blah blah see the homogenized Carribean in shrink wrapped bite size pieces. They used to be terrible environmentally, maybe they've gotten better about that. I think the rest of thst stuff sounds cool.

    Sailing with Rachel is the one that sounds most appealing to me. Not that it's me we are talking about.


  5. what about the good life here in India? Organics, permaculture, community living, yoga, me, vegan food, me, awesome people from all over the world... well?

  6. they all sound dreamy and fantastic!!! but to weed some out, sailing would be hard and is not eco. travelling sales woman- do you like people enough for that? i sure wouldn't. love portland, woofing anywhere, upholstering apprentice or washington internship. good luck and keep us updated on your thoughts. miss you!