Friday, July 10, 2009

Yeah, it's HOT! But, magic happens.

I find it hard to give you an overall impression of my time so far. It has been beautiful, educational, and hard work. Oh, and did I mention HOT? Everyone here is so, so nice and I am having a good time getting to know everyone and to do that my Spanish has been improving... well, bit by bit. I do miss having women around, more than I thought I would. There is a lady who works in the office but I don't see her too much. I can't complain though, all the guys are very sweet and total gentlemen and fun to be around. I am looking into yoga classes or a singing group or something so I can make some female friends near by.

Tomorrow I am doing my 3rd market. It is an easier work day physically, but my face hurts after smiling at everyone and expressing excitement about fresh organic vegetables. Which is legitimate, but work still in its own way.

So far I have been really focused on keeping up, learning the ropes and working hard. I thought I would have gotten lots of thinking done already by now but my brain does not seem to have space for it yet. I hope after I get in the grove... things will start to show themselves to me and I will start planning as to what to do next in my life. I however, am kinda emotional lately.... I think I just miss all you guys!!!!

So, this week I started picking flowers and making bunches for the markets. It is fun and creative and I am glad to do it. There is only a few flowers growing on the farm so I have been scouting for weeds..... I am sure I will find and learn more as the weeks progress.Also, here is my poor abused hand.... after scrubbing. Dang girl, you are so cute!


  1. Hello darling,
    Pretty amazing stories.. I'm amazed about the courage and love that you are putting in your work... take a deep breath... you are doing the right thing... you are finding yourself... keep it strong

    love and cheers from Brooklyn

  2. I am putting together a care package for you and trying to figure out a visit. Love ya. Learn lots and then come work in our little bitty garden, which we all love dearly. It would be flourishing if our durn vegan dog wasn't always eating the leaves of everything! Ha ha.

  3. dear CB, your hand looks amazing. i cant believe i didnt know about this blog's so good to read about your adventures. i'm sending you lots of love. do you want anything from nyc??? im so proud of you!!!!!!!xoxoxoxo