Saturday, July 18, 2009

Wild Woman, Wild Flowers

I wanted to show you some of the flowers that are volunteers here on the farm. A lot of them I can use in the bouquets, but many, are covered with thorns. If Susie is reading this maybe she can tell me the names of some of this stuff? Also, maybe, I need one of those hand held thorn removers. Where do you suppose I could get one?So, I think a couple of these things are part of the thistle family. One, maybe the sorghum family, some grasses. I think the white fluffy one is Queen Ann's lace? Any how, I am having fun scouting for them and trying 'em out. Makes for a nice walk around the property with all this stuff in bloom.
As far as what is planted, we have zinnias, sun flowers (which I posted pics of last week), cockscomb, black-eyed susans, cosmos, and a few things I recognize but I don't know the names of. Maybe astilbe. I'll get out with my camera next week and take some more pics for everyone.


  1. The top purple one is a thistle...I love them!

  2. The bottom one looks like amaranthus...