Friday, July 24, 2009

Seeds of Change and Holy Basil, Batman!!!

Aside from working in the fields, some of what I have been learning about is seeding or the first step in the germination process. We have these neat trays that looks like giant ice cube trays and they are filled with NTC's own special blend of organic soil and compost. Then painstakingly one seed is put into each little compartment. They hang out in the green house getting watered everyday until they start to sprout. This picture here shows several trays with seedlings at different stages. After they reach a good size, the trays are moved outside to adjust to the new climate and then eventually they get planted out in the fields.
One of the other things that happens in the green house is the wheatgrass production. We are a big supplier of organic wheatgrass to many local health food stores and juice bars. Don't you just want to lay on it?
Finally, this is the basil corner of my world. We grove thai, purple, cinamon, lemon, and sweet basil. (I think I got all those types right!!) Nearly everyday, one of the first things we do is harvest basil. It is best to pick it when it is still cool out, so the leaves don't wilt. The basil is destined for grocery stores, our CSA boxes, and farmers markets. It smells so nice and I like to stick my face in it!!! Oh, and eat it!


  1. Thai basil is my favorite! We have a big patch of sweet basil in our garden that I'm addicted to using in everythin! Our thai basil isn't growing so well, so I don't use it as much. I am looking forward to visiting. Dan should find out tonight if he got the most recent time off request and then I'll let you know the dates, again! Love ya.

  2. wheatgrass looks like... it should have a big topiary poodle on it :)

    I *love* thai basil! But I only managed to get purple and regular to grow.

  3. yeah! a big poodle or maybe a giant stack of sinks!!!