Friday, July 10, 2009

New Homies and Poor Loretta

Hi all,
Sorry for the tardy posting. I am closing up the end of my second week on the farm and I wanted to catch you up. First, meet my new homies, my fellow interns on the farm. We went to the American River. Here is Ben, Asher, and Evan (don't know where Joe is). The river is so so beautiful and crystal clear and in the bottom of a beautiful canyon. It is about a half hour drive from the farm. Yay! I have been several times already.

ALSO, poor Loretta, she busted her radiator hose. Sad sad. Had to get her towed back to the farm. Good news is that my new homie, Asher, helped me fix it. Crazy thing though, when we arrived at the auto parts store in his jeep his radiator hose also exploded. Here he is fixing it in the parking lot. Some times when it rains it pours, in this case anti-freeze. Yikes. Thanks, Asher.

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