Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Westwardly: June 12th, Memphis to Kansas City, MO

Morning in Memphis began with more evidence of procreating friends. It was great to catch up with Lisa, meet her amazing kids and hear about all her successes with her painting!! Here is me with all my "nieces"! I was glad to be back in Memphis even if so briefly, thanks Kerri for all your warm hospitality and Lisa for meeting at such short notice. Elvis welcomed us as well!

From Memphis we drove through Arkansas on our way to Kansas City. We drove through the out skirts of the Ozark Mountains and it really was so beautiful. This was a long day of driving and I was glad for the rain to cool things off. We had lunch at the MO state line and the waiter was so impressed that we were from NYC that his first question to us was about the NYC tap water!?

We kept on keeping on and arrived in KC in time to go with Stacy to a vegan pot luck! Yay! No bean burritos for dinner! We had a nice time there sitting around the fire and meeting everyone. Thanks AMY, for letting us crash!

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