Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The sun is HOT: June 9th, Ocean Springs to Horn Island to Ocean Springs

We got up super early to pack for our day trip to Horn Island. For those of you who don't know, the southern states that boarder the Gulf of Mexico have a line of islands called the barrier islands. I think all of them are national parks and you can only get there by boat. The one we went to is 11 miles out. It is only 14 miles long by maybe 3/4 of a mile wide at the widest point. The ONLY thing out there is a ranger station. There is no running water... nothin' but the island and the gulf. Horn Island is beautiful and HOT! We did our best to stay covered with sunscreen and shade.... but we got burned! Still, we had the best time wandering around looking at shells and bones, seeing the stuff that has washed up. We swam and swam and Erika marveled how the water was so warm. We saw dolphins, pelicans and jumping flying fish of some kind. We did not see a single other person the whole day. One of my favorite things about the islands is the vegetation... it is so different than the main land and so exotic looking. I think that is what we would have here in Ocean Springs at least in part if it was left up to mother nature. Walter Anderson used to go out there all the time to paint and draw and coincidentaly the art college I went to does a yearly artist retreat out there for a week at a time which I did twice while I was in school. Here's a buch of pictures.

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