Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Road Warriors: June 8th, Monticello, GA to Montgomery, AL to Ocean Springs, MS

We started the day with another trip of WAKE BOARDING!! Thanks Russ for being so patient with all our falls and for taking us out in your awesome boat in your awesome lake next to your great house!! yay! Thanks for being a good big brother and checking Loretta's oil for me!

June 8th was the worst day of driving yet, there was construction on every interstate we were traveling on. We still managed to make a stop in Montgomery, AL to have our picture taken with the one and only HANK WILLIAMS! I didn't put any money in the meter and the cop came on his cop motorcycle.... I ran over and gave my best southern accent and told him we were just taking pictures with Hank and would only be a minute and he said "oh, now, that's fine! Y'all have fun" and didn't give me a ticket! Now, that surely would NOT happen at a tourist attraction in NY. Yippie!
After Montgomery it was more driving and driving, we stopped for boiled peanuts and Erika had her first experience with mushy salty goodness. We arrived at Dad and Harriet's with enough light for Dad to give Erika the tour of the yard.

My parents have such a nice home, everyone should come and would probably be welcome. Harriet had made us blueberry pie with blueberries from the yard! Yum! Erika loves the magnolia trees and I do too. Their home was built in the 1890s and has lots and lots of charm. The yard is full of PLANTS and many of them fruit bearing. It's a nice place to be. Here is a picture of the blueberries.

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