Friday, June 26, 2009

mushy things that move: June 22nd and 23rd, San Diego

San Diego was beautiful. The first day we went down to La Jolla Beach to see the seals! Story goes that years ago a wealthy family built a cove into the beach to calm the waves for the children of San Diego. A place for them to swim. The seals happened to love the set up as well, so now the animal activists are fighting to protect them and kept them there. Others are fighting to reclaim the area for the children. Hmmm, I have to say that I am on the side of the seals. Surely the kids can swim somewhere else? So, here is the picture of a cute seal, and us at the beach.The beach was nice as well, so much seaweed... BUT, it was cold! I thought it was cold, but I like the heat! Later that night we went out for Indian Food Buffet! Yum! Plus, it is always fun to hang with Uncle Skip.

Tuesday we went out in search of tide pools, we found a few, down at Cabrillo National Monument, although high tide. Here is a few pictures and a video. I laugh every time I watch it. If anyone knows what kind of anemones these are I would like to learn. The video is actually the next morning at 6 am down at Ocean Beach. But I BELIEVE it is the same animal that is in the still photo and active. Both look like a sticky brown blobs with bits of shell and dirt stuck to them.

Uncle Skip took us on a hike in Penasquitos Canyon, which is down the hill from his back yard and a state park. It is so much fun hiking with Uncle Skip 'cause he knows every plant and animal and can tell you what the native Americans used it 8000 years ago. Here he is explaining some puffy spiky puff ball seed case thing to Erika. We got to carry around binoculars and magnifing glasses and each time a bird would make a noise, he would tell us what it was. I wish I had a better memory so I could tell you the types of cactus, sage, and flowers we saw, but you will all just have to go with me there someday to see for yourself... or ask Erika, she took notes.

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