Friday, June 19, 2009

Is that for REAL?: June 17th and 18th, GRAND CANYON

We had more Mexican food last night. We found a hotel outside the petrified forest and snuggled in for the night. The morning of the 17th we drove 5 or so hours to the duh duh duhn GRAND CANYON!! The drive was so romantic... desert turned into mountains and rolling hills. Our camp site was close enough to the rim to walk over once we got settled. Now, I know a lot of you have been to the grand canyon before, but, well, for a girl's first time, it was just so much bigger than I expected. It is such a beautiful place. The weather was a bit hard to manage, it was very very warm in the sun, cold in the shade, and freezing at night. That first day we walked the trail along the rim with gobs of tourists from all over. We made our camp and camp fire and once is was the darkest of night we walked back to the canyon to do some star gazing. There were so many!! Shooting starts too. We managed to spook ourselves with the dark and the thought of wild animals, so we did lots of singing at the top of our lungs to keep away any mountain lions. After a mostly sleepless night, on the 18th we look the shuttle bus to a hike where you can go down part way into the canyon. It was really beautiful, narrow, and crowded with over weight people wearing sandals. I didn't stick around to see how they were going to get back up... it was hard, like climbing stairs! I enjoyed the views so much and decided that next time, I have to hike to the bottom and camp down there. We also saw so many animals in our two days in the park. The mules on the hike didn't seem to be scared of the edge, the mountain goat? i think he was, certainly wasn't scared either.... of the height or of the people. A lot of the animals we saw seemed to be accustom to all the people everywhere, when do you see deer in the day time 10 feet away from you, elk too. The camp site was also inhabited by many talking ravens, those things are big and loud! Our last night was another warm fire and walk along the edge of the canyon, this time we saw tons of glow worms!

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  1. There's a trail that goes from rim to rim, but it's only accessible certain times of the year. It gets REAL hot down at the bottom in the summer. I think it takes about a week to do the trip, and you need a permit. Melanie and I talk of doing it together one day. You should join us.