Sunday, June 7, 2009

Honeysuckle: June 3rd. Baltimore to DC to Winchester, VA

I am way behind all ready on my little blog, but we are taking the day off, well, half the day to recover.... man, traveling and playing hard is tough (really, I am exhausted)! So, to start where I left off.... Baltimore to DC to Winchester, VA.

We arrived in DC at noon on the hottest day EVER!!! Finally found a place to park right next to the Washington monument. We gazed upon the white house... but no glance of Obama. We spent a few hours at the National Museum of Natural History and the Museum of American History. Both are Smithsonians and FREE so we enjoyed wandering in and out of them. My favorites are all the prehistoric bugs, Elizabeth Cotton's guitar, and Dorthy's "no place like home" red shoes.

We left DC in the afternoon and got stuck in rush hour traffic on our way to Kerry and Neil's place in Winchester, VA. Finally, about half way there, the traffic thinned out and the rolling hills started, we felt like the road trip had begun... we were away from city life, yay! Small farms, lots of cows, 2 lane highway... and tons and tons of honeysuckle.... the smell filled the car and undid any stress of the previous drive! We were singing in full voice Canned Heat's "Going Up the Country"!! Thanks Mikey, for the awesome theme song!

Once in Winchester, we had a nice night with Kerry and Neil and their most awesome 7 year old daughter, Azzy. She and I got a long real well... lots of hoola hooping and dancing! We got to see all of Neil's great prints and really nice paintings. He is so prolific, it is really inspiring!! Kerry had some nice collages too she had started! Here is a pic of my favorite of Neil's paintings, hopefully he won't mind my posting it. It is of Azzy and, it captures her perfectly! Thanks K and N for all the hospitality, I am so so happy I got to see you! I wish it was more often!

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  1. Me too! Much love and safe travels to both of you!