Monday, June 22, 2009

High Rollers: June 20th, St. George to Las Vegas

We had a slow morning in St. George as the drive to vegas would be short. We hit up 2 thrift stores in search of the best vegas outfits for all of us. It was fun. We headed southwest towards Nevada. It was HOT and the interstate had mountains almost sitting right there in the road! We arrived in Vegas and found a room at the circus circus casino and headed out again for more thrifting. IT WAS FUN! By the end of the day we all had our outfits and had spent less that 20 dollars! We were hoping that our sequnces would be ironic, but after just a short walk through the parking lot of our casino, I think we just kinda fit in. Anyway, check my sequinces butterfly shirt.

I found the strip itself kinda depressing. It was fascinating and I am glad I went to witness the spectacle, but I found it fake, uninspiring, and just sad. I guess that is probably not a surprise. We still had fun though, in our outfits and playing the slots. I lost 6 dollars and I was pretty pissed about it. Erika lost 9 and Marlo won 20!! Woo hoo!!

The Best part about vegas was looking at all the interiors of the fancy casinos and realizing that a lot of the decor could make. Many of them did simple things with cheap materials.

The 3 of us and our high roller selves were asleep by 2 am with only one drink each. Man, do we know how to party. Thanks vegas, for the good thrift stores!

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  1. Now you have two people!?! I think that people, myself at least, would like an introduction to the people that you have traveling with you, where they came from, how they decided to go with you, etc. Is Loretta tight with 3 ladies and a bunch of stuff? Say hi to Uncle Skip. Keep up the good blogging. I miss you.