Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Georgia on my mind: June 6th, Big Sandy Mush, to Asheville, to Athens, to Moticello, GA

We spent the morning with Leslie getting the full tour of Bort's land. In part, Leslie lives off the land, she has her garden, chickens, and even a GIANT pig. We really enjoyed hiking around with her. She has a good knowledge of a lot of the plants there and was able to tell us what was native and what it was used for. We managed to avoid the poison ivy by the skin of our teeth and enjoyed the views as we walked vertically up their land. Bort had a guitar and I was so happy to get my hands on it, by this time I had roped Erika into being a fan of the Carter Family as well and we had done some singing in the car, so I was playing and singing and she was harmonizing, which she is really really good at! Thanks, Bort, for letting me play your guitar and stay with y'all. AND Thanks Leslie! I had so much fun there, Erika did too, I think she wants to move in with you! It was like no time had passed, you're exactly the same in all the best ways and better in all the ways you have changed.... I hope to come back to see you soon!!!

From the Big Sandy Mush we drove into Asheville for lunch at Rosetta's Kitchen. It is a super yummy vegetarian place in town there. They were playing operation ivy and I was feeling nostalgic and familiar. We had a nice time walking along the stip, people watching and checking out the vintage stores. Need to go back to Asheville and spend more time.

After Ashville, we drove onto Athens, GA on the way to my brother's place. In Athens, we ate at the "Grit" vegetarian restaurant, which sadly I will not recommend. What I saw of the town was nice though, historic homes and big trees.

We had a late drive after that onto Jackson Lake in Monticello, Georgia where my brother Russ lives. Had a midnight swim in the lake off his dock and were really glad we decided to drive late to get there! Here is a picture of the sunset on the way there.

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  1. i had so much fun seeing ya'll and having ya camp on the land here, it rocked! I am so glad you are making this trip to go farm, you are going to love it- sunburns, bug bites and all. Sexy awkward tans too...dark arms with white bellies. Fresh veggies, mmmmmm. I LOVE you corrie!!!
    Tell Erika Hello ! xoxoxo