Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Egypt in CO: June 15th, Denver to The Great Sand Dunes to Santa Fe

We had a nice send off from Denver and made our way south. It was so fun to watch the landscape change and the air begin to feel different. We drove on 25 south which runs for a while along side the Rockies. Here is a picture of Pikes peak one of the highest points. We drove on towards 160 west where Loretta had to WORK her way up a steep incline. I was nervous but we made it just fine and we're happy to find ourselves in a giant flat valley. Here we kept on towards the Great Sand Dunes national park. This place is amazing. It is just like a little bit of Egypt was plopped down in the middle of Colorado. Something about millions of years of wind patterns has deposited mountains of sands in this valley and now it is an amazing park where people sled, hike, sand board down the dunes. I am so happy we spent the afternoon here! You MUST go!From the dunes we continued south toward Arizona. It was highway the whole way and so very scenic. The plants changed ever so slightly ever 30 miles or so it seemed... flat with clumps of grasses, then small forests of spruce trees and red dirt, then rolling hills with mountains in the distance. I had a nice time watching it all fly by. We made it to Santa Fe in time to have overly Americanized Mexican food and a nicely priced motel.

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  1. Ooo...I love the Great Sand Dunes park! Beautiful.