Monday, June 22, 2009

Dear, Dr. Suess ....need water.... uhhhh: June 21st, Vegas to Joshua Tree to San Diego

The drive from vegas west was rough, there is just no way around it, it was HOT and we were kinda miserable. We went to Joshua Tree thinking we were going to camp there and head to San Diego the next day. We arrived at the visitor center and quickly learned that many of the camp grounds were closed due to the heat. UGH, it was hot. But we loved the park and drove though thinking all the trees looked like Dr. Suess drawings. We stopped to have our pictures made at skull rock. We drove to see the San Andreas Fault Line. As the evening progressed the temperature started to drop, and we were more comfortable, but we still drove on towards San Diego. We had dinner at Chili's which restored our energy enough to have a brief dance party in the car to DMX as we continued south. The veggie burger there wasn't that bad. We got to Uncle Skip's in San Diego around 9:30. He started in telling us all about seals, mushrooms, and the renovations to his house. Glad to have more time in San Diego! Yay, made it all the way to California!!!! Yippie! Go Loretta GO!!!


  1. I'm trying a comment. Your blog makes me want to hit the road SO BADLY. I didn't even think I wanted a change of scene, but this all seems so much more inspiring than the grand canyons of midtown.

    Someone at my friend's wedding yesterday was raving about San Diego. Enjoy it!!

  2. Yay, you've made it to California! It has been really fun reading about your adventures. Love and continued safe travels to you both.