Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Coffee, Hair, and Puppets: June 13th, Kansas City to Independence, MO to Oakley, KS

Morning in KC was great. We awoke to August and all of his rambunctious energy. He is the 2 year old son of Stacy and Jeremy. It was great to hang with them at the farmers market and their new coffee shop "one more cup". If you are ever in Kansas City people, get your coffee there! They are doing well with a new business and a young son and I was happy to see them again! Thanks, for letting us stay, showing us your garden, and driving us around in your swanky prius.From KC we drove east a little bit to Independence to check out the Hair Museum, yes, hair. I really got educated here. I had no idea but in Victorian times, people used to make hair art from human hair. Mostly wreathes and jewelry, it was a sort of keep sake for a man who is going off to war or as a wall piece to honor a deceased family member or as a way to make a family tree. For the wreaths they wrapped the hair around wire and sculpted into mostly flowers. The jewelry took all forms, we saw a lot of watch chains that really just looked like delicate macrame of some kind... hair was woven and pressed into buttons. It was really really fascinating and kinda icky at the same time. I loved it! It showed really great craftsmanship and patience. They didn't allow too many pictures, but here are a couple bad ones to give you an idea.From there we went to the puppetry arts institute. That was also very very fun. In both museums we received personal tours and got to ask as many questions as we could. The larger one below is by Delores Hadley. Both Erika and I loved her work.From Independence we drove west into Kansas. It really is big sky country! Things were finally looking different. Certainly we saw a lot in the East and it was always changing, but the east looks like the east!! NOW, though, we are in the middle of the country! Kansas! Fields and fields and so few trees and big big sky! Here is Erika in the wheat!
We kept on driving late into the evening to get to Oakley Kansas population of about 2000. We stayed at a shady motel with no hot water, went to the local bar where we met the self proclaimed "village freak". He had stories for us that I will not repeat here! It stormed hard over night and I was SCARED of tornadoes!

ps. here is a link about a hair wreath http://www.millicentlibrary.org/hair.htm

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  1. Thanks for including us in your whirlwind tour! It was so nice to see you CB, and to meet Erica. Auggie and I had a great time (even though we both look sullen in that photo! :) You are always welcome in our home anytime! Glad you made it to the hair museum, and the puppetry one. I forgot about that one too. It's pretty neat. Much love to you both, and safe travels.