Tuesday, June 16, 2009

6 legs: June 14th, Oakley, KS to Denver, CO

After a very stormy night in Oakley at said shady motel, we went to Prairie Dog town... famed home of the largest prairie dog in the world. It is one of those places you find in road side America. It was insane to say the least and I left with my heart in my stomach and really happy that I am vegan. Not to say that it wasn't interesting. It was a small building with a large tank filled with rattle snakes, many taxidermied genetic mutation animals (like a 2 headed calf) and a very large gift shop. Outside was a large fenced in area with dozens of prairie dogs running around and hoping in and out of their little mounds. There were many animals in small cages out there too: wolves, raccoons, goats, foxes, a bob cat. I was so very sad for them, definitely not a fun life. It is hard for me to even believe these things are legal. Anyway, their main attraction is the 5 and 6 legged cows. This one has a leg growing out of her back. I am not going to say anything else about it. I want my 8 dollars back.So, after the freak show, we headed on to Denver, again with the big big sky but this time we could watch a storm literally rolling in. We made it to Aunt Margie and Uncle Dave's just in time for a tornado siren to start up! That lasted an hour or two and the sky started to clear up, then we watched another storm approach, then there was a rainbow, then it was a beautiful summer evening as if the previous 3 or 4 hours never happened. We had a nice diner with them and my cousin Katy came with her family... 3 beautiful kids. It was fun! Denver is really beautiful and you can see the Rockies from their back porch, I wish we were there longer so we could see more of it... but there is always next time. Thanks M and D for such a nice time!!!!

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  1. We were all so glad to see you Corrie! Thanks for making Denver part of your journey out west. Wish we could see you more often. xoxo-Katy