Saturday, May 23, 2009

Crisscross Country

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Boys and Girls,
Here is the plan so far. Those of you I will see.... I am so looking forward. Those of you I will miss, I'll hit you on the way back. Those of you I am leaving, I will think of you often. If I am coming through your town and I haven't realized it, let me know! I am so excited and can't wait to see the country side!

June 2nd - Baltimore
June 3rd - DC and Winchester, VA
June 4th - Charlottesville, VA
June 5th - Carter Family Fold, and Asheville, NC
June 6th - Ahseville, NC
June 7th - Atlanta and Monticello, GA
June 8th - Ocean Springs, MS
June 9th - Ocean Springs, MS - horn island?
June 10th - day trip to New Orleans
June 11th - Jackson, MS or Clarksdale, MS
June 12th - Memphis, TN
June 13th - Kansas City, KC
June 14th - KC or Denver, CO
June 15th - Denver, CO or somewhere in NM
June 16th - somewhere in NM Taos, Santa Fe, Albuquerque?
June 17th - Flagstaff, Grand Canyon
June 18th - Grand Canyon
June 19th - Zion National Park
June 20th - Las Vegas
June 21st - Joshua Tree National Park
June 22nd - San Diego, CA
June 23 rd - San Diego, CA
June 24th - Los Angeles, CA
June 25th - Los Angeles, CA or wherever Cynthia is
June 26th - 'round there somewhere
June 27th - up CA coast or onto yosemite national park
June 28th - new farming home, Newcastle, CA

Please let me know any recommendations for food, lodging, site seeing, debauchery :)!!


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