Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Is it good to be part of a trend?


Even if you believe in something and have true intentions, is it not still disheartening to be a part of a trend? Here's hoping it's not just a fad and in fact the beginnings of social change. I at least know that everyone I speak to wants to come along. Maybe that will change when I start reveling how tired, dirty, sunburned and covered in bug bites I am.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Meet Loretta

This little cutie pie is what is getting me out there. Show your love for Volkswagens. She is a 1985 golf and she runs on diesel. Some day soon she will drink up veggie oil! I have had all her hoses and filters, tires, and fluids checked. We are trusting AAA to help us if something goes wrong, but keep sending positive voom voom thoughts as we put put down the interstate!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Crisscross Country

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Boys and Girls,
Here is the plan so far. Those of you I will see.... I am so looking forward. Those of you I will miss, I'll hit you on the way back. Those of you I am leaving, I will think of you often. If I am coming through your town and I haven't realized it, let me know! I am so excited and can't wait to see the country side!

June 2nd - Baltimore
June 3rd - DC and Winchester, VA
June 4th - Charlottesville, VA
June 5th - Carter Family Fold, and Asheville, NC
June 6th - Ahseville, NC
June 7th - Atlanta and Monticello, GA
June 8th - Ocean Springs, MS
June 9th - Ocean Springs, MS - horn island?
June 10th - day trip to New Orleans
June 11th - Jackson, MS or Clarksdale, MS
June 12th - Memphis, TN
June 13th - Kansas City, KC
June 14th - KC or Denver, CO
June 15th - Denver, CO or somewhere in NM
June 16th - somewhere in NM Taos, Santa Fe, Albuquerque?
June 17th - Flagstaff, Grand Canyon
June 18th - Grand Canyon
June 19th - Zion National Park
June 20th - Las Vegas
June 21st - Joshua Tree National Park
June 22nd - San Diego, CA
June 23 rd - San Diego, CA
June 24th - Los Angeles, CA
June 25th - Los Angeles, CA or wherever Cynthia is
June 26th - 'round there somewhere
June 27th - up CA coast or onto yosemite national park
June 28th - new farming home, Newcastle, CA

Please let me know any recommendations for food, lodging, site seeing, debauchery :)!!


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Dear NYC, love HURTS!

Even with trepidation about my ability to write, I am starting this blog with the good intention to keep it updated! I hope if I fail at sending personal emails, I will succeed at this and be able to stay in touch with all of you in mass here. (I want to do my first post while I am still in NY, still and forever in love with the city. Ugh! But, love HURTS!)

For those of you who do not know, I am leaving June 1st to spend a month driving across country, to finally arrive in Northern California at an organic farm, where I will work picking vegetables, arranging flowers, and manning a farmers market stand until mid November. It is a big move and change and not one without fear and excitement in equal parts. I have found that I am missing a direction in my creative life and I am in need of a big shake down to have a path hopefully revealed to me. Somehow, my answer to that is to be outside, to do simple gratifying work with my hands, free up some brain space, and be in a place that is the total opposite of New York City. It is not a random choice however, after 13 years of veganism, I still care greatly about where my food comes from. So, I hope to learn as much as I am nourished and give as much as I take.

That is not to say that I don't love it here, especially with summer fast approaching. So, I wanted to indulge my sentimentality and give my two cents as to why NYC really is one of the greatest places on Earth. I know this is hokey, but I am doing it anyway!

1. Prospect Park.
2. Bike Rides to Rockaway Beach.
3. Live band karaoke.
4. The fact that small town girls like me can play music on big stages.
5. Jorge Pardo.
6. The truth in the statement that this is the biggest small town on the planet. That I can be randomly sitting on the F train next to a guy asking for directions who is in fact going to the same place I am and is also from Biloxi, MS.
7. Films out of doors.
8. Bjork in gas stations.
9. That is possible in ones first week living here to have a job painting Andrew Lloyd Webber's apartment.
10. Loyal friends.
11. Furniture on the sidewalk.
12. The cashank
13. Any kind of food I could ever dream up.
14. Roof top fireworks
15. Radio Lab.
16. The potential.

My list is short and inadequate and although I am anxious to leave, after 8 years, I still feel like I just got here. I do believe that this is a place where anything is possible. I also believe... sometimes, having that many choices is a burden. Oh, NYC, how I love to hate you and hate to love you!!

Well, I may be back in 6 months, with a new take and clarity on what this city can and should do for me, but if not.... thank you to all those who have befriended me, employed me, taught me, believed in me, entertained me, and given me a place to live. I am forever changed, and indebted. I consider myself very lucky to have the friends and the life that I do and I will miss you all something awful!!!

Stay tuned for news from the road, and stories of picking spinach (not from my teeth).