Friday, October 7, 2011

Trussbridge Farm

Couple weeks back, I drove up to visit Asher, my friend I met while working out at the farm in CA in 2009. Ash has his own place now, called Trussbridge Farm. It is so beautiful there. He has worked hard in his first year, getting established, deciding what to grow, and holding it down at the farmers market - mostly all by himself. I was there for a couple days, helping him pick and exploring the property. We went for a hike on the land there and it was amazing. How to people get to have orchards, streams, waterfalls, rock formations, and a farm all in their back yard? I think I took over 500 pictures while I was there. So, it was hard to choose just these few. Luckily I am headed back there in a couple weeks for 10 days to watch over my new best friends, Kerby the dog, Larry, Moe and Curly the ducks and the 50 new chicks. Oh, and, you'll see I bugged out over all the mushrooms too.

The Lemon Squeezer

Last month, Aly and I got in my truck and headed out of the city for a hike. We were mostly prepared, meaning... we were wearing sensible shoes, had lots of trail mix and a couple lattes to go. We were not prepared as to where we were going. Nevertheless we headed North and out of the city. Aly searched her phone and learned of the Lemon Squeezer. We made a bee line to Harriman state park and started in. It was such a beautiful but humid day. NY had been so so rainy in the previous weeks and the ground really showed it. There were mushrooms everywhere!! Where is Uncle Skip when I need him? The hike was about 9 miles and so beautiful - swamps and lakes, and forest, and mountain tops, fields and water falls. The hike gets it name from a narrow part of the trail that takes you trough a rock passage way that "squeezes you like a lemon" - it wasn't as dramatic as it sounds... but I still would recommend you take yourself to get juiced. :)

A Day In NY

July 30th was a good day. In the week leading up to that Saturday, there had been lots of planning and celebrating. Gay marriage had just become legal in NY state and it was feeling like a fine time to have moved back to the city. The design company where I work was invited to do the flowers for 24 couples who were to be married at the "pop up chapel" a full day of same sex weddings in Central Park. It was such a honor to be there, to make the bouquets and boutonnieres for all the happy couples and to catch a ray or two of the residual glow. Here are some of my pictures. If you want more click here.

also check out this great video by my friend, Gustavo. You'll see me in the beginning making an arrangement. :)

Popup Chapel July 30th 2011 from Gustavo Campos on Vimeo.

But, my day didn't end there. I headed to the other park in NYC designed by the famed Fred Olmsted, Prospect Park... where equally amazing things were happening. I caught up with my friends who were having a picnic, dropped by on some other lovely homies who were having a going away party and then to top it all off saw even more good stuff at Celebrate Brooklyn. That night Red Baraat were playing among others and I thought they were so much fun.

My Dixie Darlin'

Couple months back, my dear friend, Barbara came down to Georgia to make the drive up to NYC with me in the Uhaul. It was a short trip, but we had a fun time and I was super grateful for the company. It was especially poignant because years back Barb and I met through playing country music in NYC. She and I both have a profound love for the Carter Family, so it was essential that we work a stop at the Carter Family Fold into the trip. I know I have posted about this place before, but it never gets old. The music is ALWAYS good, the people are always nice and it is just such beautiful country there steeped in history. We enjoyed the show, the museum, and the AP Carter cabin where Barbara got to meet a friend of the family and have her picture taken in both Johnny Cash's and June Carter's rocking chairs.

The next day as we were working our way North on 81, we stopped at the Dixie Caverns. Dixie Cavers is an "up cave" meaning a cave in a hill. We took part in a 45 minute tour and oogled over the stalagmites and stalactites. I took so many pictures, but here are a few. The caverns were named after the dog who discovered/fell into them back in 1920.

That night we drove on the Bowie, MD to my cousin's straw bale house. Barbara was super excited to see their eco homestead.

Way Down Yander

Way back in June as I was preparing to leave Georgia for New York City, I did a farewell hike along the Chattahoochee River. It was a beautiful hot summer day. Now that it is nearly the middle of October here in NYC, I am really missing it. I hiked about 10 miles that day. I saw deer, turtles, countless birds and bugs and had plenty of time to think about the move ahead. Here are a few pics.